How we started Domugo

Most people think that the only way to start a business is to make plans, have big dreams and lots of money, but we didn't. Domugo started only with an idea of quality product that we would like to use ourselves and we just started doing it. No plans, no dreams and no money. We decided to make a step forward and only two years later here we are shipping our products worldwide.

What's behind our name?

Since we do not offer our product on a mass scale, we do not compete with big brand clothing companies. Our designs also greatly differ as they are made with simplicity and style in mind. Most of our items are decorated just after the initial purchase. This allows us to cut unnecessary costs and also be environment friendly.

Buy less choose well

We value quality and not quantity. We believe it's better to have few good quality items than full wardrobe of stuff that you don't want to wear anyway. Simply don't buy things you don't need. That's another reason why we don't have sales. Every year we have stock or returned items we give them to the charity. There is always someone who needs it more than us do, right?

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